01.       “O.S.M.T.J. INTERNATIONAL” concerns a private society and community of Brothers & Sisters, and an Order of Knights, who in imitation of the historical predecessors : “The Templars” strive for the perfection of mankind in general, and of our Brothers & Sisters in particular, applying an ideal of PeaceLoveNobilityHumility and Fraternity and this according to the ancient tradition handed down, taking into account the current social trends and development,

02.       We consider Historical, Social and Cultural studies in general and : intellectual, scientific, religious, spiritual, esoteric, social, cultural, sociological, political, philosophical, historical, geographical, archaeological, anthropological, criminological, legal, medical, nursing, artistic and economic study and security science and military martial arts, in particular, hereby as an essential prerequisite for realizing and achieving our goals of generositycharity and brotherhood, and this both on a theoretical and practical level.  In so doing, we build on the achievements and innovative work of our predecessors in the economic, spiritual and organizational fields, as a source of inspiration for the contemporary social values and norms, which we wish to live up to. Within this framework, our special areas of interest include (without wishing to be restrictive in any way) : Art, Art History, Music, Motorcycling, Cycling, Horseback Riding, Traveling, Adventure, Survival, Deep Sea Diving, Skiing, Photography, Practical Shooting, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Fencing, Yoga, Self-Defense Sports such as o. m. : Budo, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Aikido, Boxing, Systema, Krav Maga, etc, … , Mysticism, Mysteriology, Aviation, Yachting, Navigation, Meteorology, Star & Planetary Science, Astrology, Geology, Antiques & Brocante, etc ,….

03.       We respect the historical rules of tradition, respecting the handed down customs, habits and rituals

04.       As an Order, we are socially representative and expressly oppose elitism. We are composed of all walks of life, regardless of race, sex, age, ideology and level of education.  As a “group,” we wish to be a reflection of the society in which we live and, through thorough study, thought and communication, to devise solutions for a more prosperous world,

05.       By means of our Knowledge and Skills, we wish to work for the protection of fellow manthe weaker in society, in general and the welfare of animals & nature and environment in particular,

06.       We consider it our special mission and duty: to provide help to third parties, the less fortunate and needy, and to undertake charitable actions.

We concretize our mission of generosity by witnessing to charity and fraternity through :

  • Creative actions through which we can contribute, at least in a modest way, to the solution of social problems.
  • A real commitment to our fellow men, in which we are mainly concerned with individual cases of need.
  • We would also like to participate in humanitarian actions.

07.       Through continuous and uninterrupted study and through thorough mental, intellectual and physical training, we wish to perfect ourselves individually. A healthy Mind in a healthy Body is our ultimate goal.

08.       We believe in the existence of GOD, as Supreme Being, as Architect of the Universe. We give no definition to the Supreme Being and leave everyone absolutely free to form a personal opinion about this. We are completely ‘open’ to any Religion. We explicitly reject any form of religious wars and oppose any form of aggression, violence and terrorism,

09.       We embrace and accept our pluralistic and multicultural society and by affirming the “freedom of conscience” we demand from all our members absolute respect for the views of others,

10.       We oppose all forms of injustice, oppression and discrimination. We do not support actions that would disturb the peace and order of society, and submit to the laws of the country and/or region in which we operate.



The New displaces the Old,
The Truth dispels the Appearance
The Light dispels the Night

Templar Cross