Welcome to The Order


The Order” known earlier as “The Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon” or just as: “The Templars” wants to be a safe home for its members, where everyone can feel good. 

As a Brother or Sister you are at home and never alone !

As a humanitarian organization, Study & Thinktank, we want to offer help where it is needed, through charitable and humanitarian actions, and consider it our special mission: to offer help to third parties, the less fortunate and the needy, and we want to devote ourselves to the protection of our fellow men, the weaker in society, in general, and the welfare of animals & nature and the environment in particular, where we have a special eye for individual cases of need.

It is never easy or simple to answer the often asked question: “Who are you guys anyway” ?

We, that is: OSMTJ INTERNATIONAL or “The Sovereign and Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem”, formerly known as “The Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon” or else as: “The Knights Templar”.

The questions “Who are you?” and “What do you do?” do not have a simple answer, and the explanation itself raises a whole series of new questions. ….. 

As you already know: one does not enter the Temple Order like any other club or association.

We are not a Service Club.
We are not a Folkloric Society.
We are not a “Leisure club”.

The Order” is not about merely participating in cultural, charitable or folkloric events, but about a thorough, formal and fundamental commitment.
It is impossible to get to know “The Temple” in a few hours.

The knowledge acquired would only be theoretical and verbal and only very superficial.
In reality, one can only come to know the Temple by living it daily, by living its ideals and practicing its philosophy daily. Each new day always brings a new dimension to that knowledge.

Let us be clear up front:” The Order” is not a sect.
There is no ideology and no political or religious doctrine.

We are not a religious association. We have no ties to a “Church”. We are Christian inspired and believe in the existence of GOD, the Supreme Being, the Master Builder of the Universe. We give no definition to the Supreme Being and leave everyone absolutely free to form a personal opinion about this. We are completely ‘open’ to any Religion. We explicitly reject any form of religious wars and oppose any form of aggression, violence and terrorism,
We acknowledge the actual unity between the Templar World and Freemasonry and share the common Knowledge.
Everyone is free to express and speak within the framework of their own personal beliefs, and with respect for the beliefs of others.

There is no common pursuit other than the acquisition of Knowledge and the acquisition of Peace.
There is no financial pressure on wages and/or income, but there is a subscription fee and an annual contribution.
And of course everyone is free, whenever he/she wishes, to leave “The Order

However, there is the absolute duty of Fraternity to others, and to all, whether they are in need or not,
There is an education that requires a special commitment,
There is a discipline,
There are dress codes,
There is a strict hierarchy.
We maintain the ancient traditions by practicing the handed down century-old customs, habits and Rituals.

Through study and through thorough mental, intellectual and physical training, we wish to perfect ourselves individually. By means of our Knowledge and Skills we want to work for the protection of our fellow man, the weaker in society, in general and the welfare of animals & nature and environment in particular.
As a “think tank” we consider social problems and try to bring about a “better” world.
Through charitable and humanitarian actions we want to offer help, where needed.

Templar Cross