Appointment of the New Grand Prior Magister of PORTUGAL


Joao Pedro CAMEIRA GOMES is a Portuguese-American Citizen. He was born in Angola, Africa.
At the age of 16 he went to live in the United States.
He graduated from The University oof Cincinnati, in the USA, with a Masters’s Degree in Economy and Political Science.
His professional life has always been focused on the food industry. He opened an Importing & Distributor Company in the State of New Jersey, being the first company in that State to be authorized by the Federal Food and Drug administration to import wines and spirits, food stuffs and cigarettes under the same roof.
In 1987 he returned to Portugal to open a salter cod import company, as salted cod is a main staple of the Portuguese diet. The business grew to a market share of approximately 30% of the market, with 5 processing factories and over 500 employees.
In 1996 he moved to Norway and became a Producer and Exporter of fresh and salted fish products. Soon he became the Market Leader for several years.
In 2014 he decided to make Portugal his permanent home and pursue other interests within the fish industry.
Joao Pedro has been the subject of several TV programs, in the United States, Norway and Portugal.
He has been Guest Professor at several universities, both in Norway and in Portugal.
He is fluent in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Norwegian and French
Since early adulthood he has pursued his interest in Templarism and Free Masonry.
In 2021, He was Knighted by the Grand Prior Magister of Mexico, and became immediately active in both The Masonic and Templar World.
At the end of 2022 he joined OSMTJ INTERNATIONAL and was promoted to Grand Prior Magister of Portugal on October, 1st, 2023.