Prince Dom Nuno Henriques Montero e Silva Barroso recognizes us as The Templar Order

January 21,2023

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It is with great joy and humbleness that I share the recognition bestowed unpon our Order. On January 7,2023 H.R.H. SAR Prince Dom Nuno Henriques Montero e Silva Barroso , Prince of Portugal, from the Royal House of Borgonha-Alfonsina and the Prince and Noble House of Fernandez & Torres, the recognizing us as The Templar Order !

The Royal House of Alfonsina was confered by the Papal Bull from Pope John XXII on the 14 th of May of 1319, Bula Ad ea ex quibus, authorization to H.R.H. King Diniz to restore and organize the scattered Knights Templars and the creation of the Order of the Knights of Christ.

The ceremony took place in Lisbon, Portugal on January 7,2023. Representing our Order was Grand Treasurer General and Grand Prior Magister of Portugal : H.E. Alexandra Pissarra who under my authority represented us.

We, as an Order, will always be in recognition of the members of the Royal House’s and will assist as called upon to.

Special appreciation for his valuable assistance in receiving such honor go to H.E. Dom Antonio Trabanca Pela, Grand Master of the Ordem Dos Cavaleiros de Montesantos with whom we have a close relationship.

May the Peace and Grace of the Lord be with each one of you always.