Warning from The Grand Master

Beware of Fraudulent Practices and Pseudo Templars

The landscape of the numerous Templar Orders scattered around the world is divided and now consists of numerous diverse neo-Templar organizations, (about 150) , all of which claim to be the original, the oldest or the best…

The world of Templars captures the imagination of many. ‘The Knighthood’ , ‘the costumes’ , ‘the uniforms’ ‘the unknown’ , ‘the mysticism’ , ‘the rituals’ , ‘the adventurous’ and ‘the secrets’ often exert a special attraction.

Often for totally wrong reasons, some therefore wish to join the ‘Temple Organization’.  Some consider the Temple Order as a mere folkloristic event, a network, a leisure club or even a kind of militia or sect !

When they are rejected as an applicant to The Order, they found a new ‘club’ themselves.

What’s more, when they are removed from The Order due to some disciplinary procedure, a few months later they found their “own club” and simply copied The Order

In the past we have seen several times that such ‘clubs’ show a real ‘club mentality’ and not at all the attitude that is required to be a full Templar.

Moreover, our contemporary society is full of pseudo-Templers, fantasists, charlatans, swindlers, cheaters and even, as was shown in the past, persons who think they have to fight one or another enemy with violence and do so under a false “Templar flag” …

Under the motto of ‘freedom of association’ literally anyone can start a new ‘club’ and call themselves ‘Templar’ …

Thus a number of ‘Pseudo Templar Associations’ arose in the past, which did not respect the fundamental values and duties of the Templar Order and its philosophy at all, thereby putting the real Order in a bad light.

In the contemporary ‘Templar world’ there are numerous neo-Templar Orders that lack any form of legitimacy. They did not receive any approval from, nor were they recognized by any official body.

Their ‘knighthood’ is therefore purely folkloristic and has absolutely no official support.

In order to show some legitimacy, they claim to be recognized by some official body. If one then investigates this a bit further, it often turns out that these are rather ‘dubious’ or ‘non-transparent’ organizations…


Fra. Prof.Dr. Rudy R.H.R. STEVENS(KGCTJ / GM)
Grand Master

Templar Cross