Dear Brothers & Sisters,

It is with great honor and joy that I would like to present our new Grand Seneschal General : H.E. Mgr. Prof. Dr. Rudy R.H.R. STEVENS, Ph.D. (MPS/MMS/MBA).

He is an absolute asset to our Order.
He heads the Grand Priory of Belgium, which is the authentic and oldest known Temple Order in the world.
In addition, he is the Grand Marshal in the Regency Council, Seneschal Principal in the Order of Sion and holds the 33rd Degree Mason : Sovereign Grand Inspector General. He holds a doctorate in Music Science and is a Master of Sociology, Criminology and Police Science. In addition to this he is a pilot, ski instructor and passionate diver.
He had a flourishing career in the Police, Intelligence and Military communities and is currently active as a professor/consultant.
All this makes him the ideal man to guide our Order as second in command and co-lead our Order.