Cooperation & Recognition OSMTHU & OSMTJ INTERNATIONAL

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It is with great joy that I share with you the cooperation, recognition and friendship agreement signed between the OSMTHU and OSMTJ  INTERNATIONAL.

The ceremony took place in the monastery of Arraiolos, Portugal on December 3, 2022. Representing our Order was  H.E. Mgr. Rudy R.H.R. STEVENS, Grand Seneschal General and Grand Prior Magister of Belgium.

We are looking forward to a long relationship.

Luis J Martinez (KGCTJ)

The official Delegation of OSMTJ INTERNATIONAL in PORTUGAL

Central : H.E. Fra. Prof. Dr. Rudy R.H.R. STEVENS, Ph.D.,
Grand Seneschal General and Grand Prior Magister of Belgium
Left : H.E. Sor. Alexandra PISSARRA,
Grand Treasurer Generaland Grand Prior Magister of Portugal
Left : H.E. Fra. Philippe Ghostine MATTA,
Grand Chancellor General and Grand Prior of Lebanon
Right : Sor. Susannah S. LOPES,
Grand Marshal of the Grand Priory of Portugal
Right : Fra. Peter GEERTS,
Grand Treasurer of the Grand Priory of Belgium

H.E. Mgr.: Antonio PARIS (IT), Grand Master OSMTHU and
H.E. Rudy R.H.R. STEVENS (BE), Grand Seneschal General