September 15, 2022

Greetings all Templar Brothers and Sisters,

Long time ago, as I was looking through the internet a decent Order to join – I just wanted to give a little more meaning to my life – I found several organizations. Some were militia oriented, openly anti Muslim and some were just white supremacist groups. I came across this Order (OSMTJ) and I thought I had found a real decent and Christian Order. I thought it was a reliable organization.

Some weeks into the Order and in my assigned Priory, one of the Knights stated that he was leaving because he could not stand the hypocracy in the group. Two of the Commanders started attacking his character in the open channel and at that time l wrote to them asking to private message the Brother, and suddenly I, myself, was viciously attacked by them. In the same period, another Brother left The Order and at once, He was demonized and even everyone was asked to block him. As I progressed through the ranks in the Order, I met several people that encouraged me and helped me to become a better Knight. But unfortunately I also have to say that I also witness hypocracy, power hunger, discrimination, and yes, even intimidation. So called ‘Ministers’, ‘Pastors’ and ‘Leaders’ who exhibited behavior unworthy of Templars.

And so the “back stabbing”, the “hypocracy”, the “elitism” and “discrimination” was so obvious. It were a few Brothers and Sisters that kept me motivated and encouraged me to better myself as a person and a Templar.

After January of this year the attitude, and the destruction of people’s reputation, bickering, intimidation, outcasting and defamation has been out of control. I have been ridiculed, called names, disrespected and the object of illed intended comments. People who l once considered my friends just stopped talking to me and all of this just because fear that if it’s known that they have contact with me they will suffer the same.

The misinformation and evil intentions reach the extreme where a Grand Prior told me that my Knighthood was not valid because of the signature of the Grand Prior it had. He forgot that the majority
of the members, including himself, their certificates had the same signature. The same people who are constantly , not only discrediting me, but also call other Knights and Dames of my Order telling them lies just trying to make them switch…. .

The same people that called a Grand Chancellor from another Templar Order and made threats against him for assisting in the elections of my Order. The same that in a very disrespectful manner, even challenge me to an open debate with a ‘so called’ Historian who is a Minister in a “Christian church” and not only harassed members of my Order, but even an Officer from another Order.

Now let me take a moment and echo a thought I read in another Order’s page. No Order has ownership of a member and if that member in his Templar path decides to freely join another Order, so let it be and wish him the best in his journey. Anyone that joins an Order should be respected as well as his choice and not be the subject of harassment and intimidation by other Orders. By the way : the power of an Order is not the number of members they possess, it is the intentions, the goals and what and how one does it that makes an Order great….

Regarding the “true and real Templar Order”, that is a matter of opinion. As well as the demonizing of one of my Grand Priors by this other group. It is unreal how they claim to be the true and legitimate ones and all others just fake Orders.

The real and true historical lineage teaches us that when Grand Master (GM) / Grand Prior Magister (GPM) of Belgium H.E. Michel VAN DER STOCK was elected to the 51st Grand Master, it was only one Templar who assisted H. E. Nicolas HAIMOVICI HASTIER to take over as Regent, and after some years this same Templar also assisted the G.M. of this other group take over (So …. Are they also a fake Order and is their G M. also fake?)

There was also discontent in this new group and the schism took on greater proportions. A new election was organized, this time under the supervision of an recognized independent and reliable international Templar personality (Portugal), and I was elected the new Grand Master.

Who are the legitimate ones? It is saddening how the group that succeeded after H. E. Hastier was deposed, never mentioned or was referred to by anyone in the Order. Now all of the sudden, a person advanced in age; who should be resting and enjoying of his own time and retirement, suddenly has seen his peace interrupted and his person dragged in the middle of a controversy, that he really has nothing to do with, disturbing his well-being. For what purpose? For what legitimate reason? Why put him against allies, friends and people well recognized and respected in the Templar community threatening an open war between friends and Orders. This was better described by a Preschool teacher that overheard a conversation when she asked if we were dealing with toddlers in a playground dispute or adults?

Presently our Order, the Ordre Souverain et Militaire du Temple de Jerusalem we recognize and reverence the historical figure and admire and strive to emulate the achievements of H.E. Nicolas HAIMOVICI HASTIER (President of The Regency Council); but as Grand Master of this Order I guide the future path of the Order.

We extend a call to all Brothers and Sisters, Knights and Dames to end this behavior unbecoming of true Templars and Christians and set aside your grievances with our Order and be in peace. We have taken good will steps in an attempt to initiate a dialogue between both Orders, which was met with improper language and comments not worth repeating nor publishing.
I ask of our fellow Templar Orders, as members of the same Temple, to take in consideration the behavior of some members in this group, and pass your own judgment … .

As Brothers of the Temple, we all share the same purpose, to live our Christian faith and help others in need striving to follow our Oath of protecting the poor and assisting the needy while doing no harm.
Presently our Order is engaged in charity works through out the world. We are helping a disabled young girl in need of medical attention in Brazil, in Perú and Ecuador assisting indigent people with basic needs, in Portugal supporting emergency services respond personnel, in England participating in different charities including the sponsorship of an orphanage, as well as in Belgium and the Netherlands. Last but not least, in Lebanon assisting children in their education and providing sport activities during the summer all free of charge.
Our mission goal is to operate as true Templars.

In the meantime, we accept that there are various Temple groups, each of which, no doubt, have the best intentions. I am open to working with other Orders of the Temple, since we all are Brothers and Sisters of the same Temple and we all look forward to the day that we come together as one Order. We have not only recognized and agreed to cooperate and assist other Orders publicly, but also privately. It is my deepest desire to work with each other rather than side by side and build our “Temple” together, with joy and friendship.

Let us all continue our good works rather than criticize and attack each other. Such leads to a war that ultimately leads to nothing and is only destructive. Possibly in the future, we can continue to work
together to create a better, more peaceful world.